CNC Variable Rake Angle Hydraulic Guillotine Shears

▶ CNC controller
▶ Easily adjustable with scale blade gap setting system for precise cutting and long life blade’s
▶ Movable controller arm
▶ Roller bearings on the table to help feeding sheets to the machine easily
▶ Welded monoblock heavy steel frame using rigid structural steel produced with modern manufactured methods
▶ Automatic, CNC controlled motorized back gauge 1000 mm range (stroke) with ball shaft and guide system .
▶ Programmable backgauge, with retract and swing up features for longer sheets
▶ Prevents scratching of the sheet with ball on the table
▶ Pressure adjustable Hydraulic sheet holder system, protect sheet parts when cutting process
▶ Cylinders, processed as precise from solid full material and made honed .
▶ Pistons, processed from forged steel, hardened, grinding is done, and chrome-coated.
▶ Automatic cutting angle adjustment operation
▶ Automatic blade gap adjustment operation
▶ Automatic stroke adjustment operation
▶ Adjustable bottom blade holder provide high precise robust set for long life blade
▶ Adjustable cutting length on the control panel, increase speed number of stroke for short parts
▶ High Quality alloy material bottom and upper blade for long life
▶ Bottom Blade 4 edges, Upper Blade 4 edges
▶ No maintenance dry ball joint system
▶ Hoerbiger or Bosch Rexroth low maintenance hydraulic block
▶ Schneider-Telemechanique electrical components, with ventilations electrical cabinet
▶ Foot pedal stand suitable for serial cutting operation and setting blade adjustment
▶ Front support arms 1000mm, with scale and flip over stops in T slot
▶ Back and side protection covers
▶ CE conformity rear light beams
▶ Shadow, illuminations cutting line
▶ Emergency stop button
▶ Oil tank level indicator
▶ Stroke hits Counter
▶ Complete electrical switch board and control panel for 400V AC 3 Phase 50Hz
▶ Pneumatic sheet support system
▶ Front Finger Protection Open able full length
▶ Adjustable Angular Gauge for cutting angle parts 0-180˚
▶ Longer Front Support Arms
▶ Special Throat 500mm
▶ Front finger protection light barriers with CE conformity
▶ Special Blade for kind of cutting material
▶ 220-240V 60hz operating voltage
▶ 440-480V 60hz operating voltage
▶ 220-240V 60Hz and 440V-480V 60 Hz double operating voltage (by preliminary preparation