Corrugated Walls Turkey

Corrugated Multi Wall Sheets CNC Corrugated Wall Making Machine according to the Technical drawings prepared to suit customer’ s request.

Corrugated Walls Turkey

Transformer cooling elements that are made into cooler cores by processing the rolled sheet and adapted to the desired dimesions with a corrugated wall machine are called Corrugated Walls. It is used to provide a quicker cooling by increasing the contact Surface of oil with air.

CNC Corrugated Wall Making Machine according to the Technical drawings prepared to suit the customer’ s request. The edge welding , transmission welding and support elt welding process begins by gas metal arc welding machine and then proceed to testing department.

Corrugated walls, wihck successfully complete the necessary test, are packed on suitable pallets and made ready for shipment

Corrugated walls turkey

Corrugated walls panels

Corrugated wall transformer

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